Thiagis 100 Favorite Games

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Thiagi Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Ph. He started his consulting business in and now 40 years later he is still working on the same mission with his team of experts.

That is to help people achieve more through performance-based training which is motivating and effective by supporting them to improve their performance in an enjoyable way. Over the years Thiagi and his team created and collected more than games and methods that can be used for different purposes from energisers and icebreakers to improv games.

The first one refers to such games that are experimental and lull participants into a comfortable behaviour pattern then suddenly deliver a powerful wake-up call.

Thiagi's 100 Favorite Games

This ia a 3-minute jolt activity that enables the participants to explore what makes a task highly motivating. Textra games refer to those activities where participants begin by completing a reading assignment before participating in the activity that uses peer support.

Open Book is a quiz game that helps participants become familiar with the structure and organization of a reference manual. During the first phase of the game, individual participants review the manual and prepare 10 questions. During the second phase, participants form into teams and select their five best questions. During the third phase, you conduct a quiz program using these questions and some others that you have prepared earlier.

Another strong pillar of these games is that there is always a debriefing after the experience. Because games can be fun, comfortable and effective but only if we are able to reflect on what has just happened and what we have learned from it.

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Most of the times the content itself is not that important, but if you skip the minute debriefing section you are robbing people from actively think through and identify the learning points. Crowd Wisdom. Leadership Survey. Leadership Advice. Leadership Art. Leadership Envelopes. Management Tasks. Small Potatoes. By the Numbers.

Thiagi's 100 Favorite Games

Free Time. Company Picnic. One to Ten.

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  2. Going Global: Culture, Gender, and Authority in the Japanese Subsidiary of an American Corporation;
  3. Thiagi's 100 Favorite Games by Sivasailam Thiagarajan (Paperback, 2006);
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  7. Aliens. The Anthropology of Science Fiction (Alternatives).

One, Two, and More. Double Negatives.

Thiagi's Favorite Games -

Letters and Numbers. Long Words. New Anagrams. Double Talk. Audio Tic-Tac-Toe. Memory Test. Business Strategy. Quick Questions. Triple Nine. Time Value. Time Savers.


Time Wasters. Two Sides of Training FGI Trifurcation Cross-Examination Open Book Review Cards Tougher Fast Grab Top Choices Key Points Psychic Massage. Success Stories. Postcard to a Friend. About the Author.

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    Thiagis 100 Favorite Games Thiagis 100 Favorite Games
    Thiagis 100 Favorite Games Thiagis 100 Favorite Games
    Thiagis 100 Favorite Games Thiagis 100 Favorite Games
    Thiagis 100 Favorite Games Thiagis 100 Favorite Games
    Thiagis 100 Favorite Games Thiagis 100 Favorite Games

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