The Fifth Assassin

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With The Fifth Assassin the wait was well worth it since it is a fascinating story that blends historical facts, secret codes, with an engrossing mystery.

The fifth assassin, called the Knight, re-enacts the assassinations by killing church figures, with the final target the current President, Orson Wallace. The Culper Ring, created by President George Washington to protect the presidency rather than the president, takes action to find the assassin. Meltzer told BlackFive. They are divine interventionists on a divine mission.

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There is always the power struggle between Church and State. The characters are very well developed. The same was true with the real-life assassins since I never thought of telling their stories.

Brad Meltzer - The Fifth Assassin

I was able to study them and learn what they all had in common. What happens to us as children makes up who and what we are today as we try to grow up and change. There is a large segment of our population that turns to the belief in G-d, and wants a relationship with G-d to help heal wounds.

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You show me a novel and I will show you what the author is dealing with at that time. Beecher is dealing with what I am dealing with.

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When I asked about it I was told it was a tattoo. The tattoo was a red diamond.

Meltzer fails to create realistic relationships between characters. People are unbelievably loyal to others for no apparent reason. I can't quite explain what I mean by this but I'm sure you will understand what I mean if you read the Beacher books. These are the only books I've read listened to Meltzer just tries way to hard to crowbar in his knowledge of American history.

The Fifth Assassin

And truthfully I'm not sure of the accuracy of some of it. All in all its a frustrating read.

I want to punch the main character Beacher In the face and that's not a good thing. He is no Dan Brown, though I'm sure Meltzer would deny trying to be. Browns books never let me down like this. Obviously the writer is very talented with a fantastic imagination. He has great knowledge of U.

Brad Meltzer - The Fifth Assassin | Politics and Prose Bookstore

However the use of multiple inadequate flashbacks and unbelievable coincidences made this a worthless read. I will do my best never to read one of his books again. Young Doctor David. Poor narrative and overly-dramatic narration.

The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin
The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin
The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin
The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin
The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin
The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin
The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin
The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin

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