Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond)

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Blood Bond

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Big trouble. And more is coming: bearing down on the town of Cottonwood is a murderous bootlegger, hired gunmen and a gambler with a plan of his own. As a killing storm crashes over Cottonwood, the odds favor the man who is stone cold sober, good with a red hot gun-and backed by unbreakable bonds of blood Published by arrangement with Kensington Publishing Corp. All rights reserved.

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Blood Bond 4: Gunsmoke and Gold. Blood Bond 1: Blood Bond. Blood Bond 8: San Angelo Showdown. Blood Bond 2: Brotherhood of the Gun. Blood Bond 6: Slaughter Trail.

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Blood Bond 7: Shootout at Gold Creek. Blood Bond 5: Devil Creek Crossfire. Contact Us.

Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond) Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond)
Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond) Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond)
Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond) Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond)
Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond) Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond)
Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond) Moonshine Massacre (Blood Bond)

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