Clinicopathologic Principles for Veterinary Medicine

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An overwhelming majority of various nephropathies in animals take clinically silent course for a long period of time. But the absence of clinical signs is not the reason for a doctor to make no effort to detect a specific nephrological diagnosis in time and begin therapy before the symptoms of uremia arise. Clinical diagnosis in nephrology, in the majority of cases, is made on the grounds of laboratory examinations of biological fluids blood serum, urine.

However, diverse pathologic changes in renal parenchyma especially glomerular and tubulo-interstitial diseases can lead to very similar changes in the results of laboratory diagnostics at all stages of its development. Rather often some processes in which the condition of renal parenchyma especially at initial phase of pathological process remains normal pre and post-renal RI result in CRI. Nowadays, final diagnosis and institution of complex therapy are possible only on the basis of invasive diagnostic techniques aspiration and puncture biopsies of kidney. A whole number of researches also hold the same opinion.

When defining diagnosis, making optimal therapeutic decisions and medical prognosis the doctor should appeal both functional and morphological data intravital biopsy. Repeated biopsy may be needed for monitoring of clinical behavior of KD or therapy response. Wright et al, These methods of diagnostics, due to the high level of modern medical technologies development are easy to use, low-traumatic and highly informative. Also, Leveille et al. At the same time, value of invasive diagnostics technique in ill and experimental animals and total renal tissue examination after autopsy followed by light and electron microscopy consists in:.

Correct nephrological diagnosis should be made at the earliest possible stages of pathologic process, when medicamentous therapy is the most effective.