America, What Are You To Me?

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Fifty Nifty United States vocals

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How does change start? With real talk. But we all need the courage to come to the table.

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Stop Telling Me To Leave America If I Don't Like America

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Open an Account. Find your closest financial center or ATM. We'd all be veggies! Turn others into veggies! Moz for PM is my new thing! Flag EverEvanescent on December 18, General Comment Orion - seeing as everyone else has attacked most of what you say as being complete crap, I may as well have a go with the rest It was founded in the 50's in Miami, Florida. Ray Croc McDonald's founder even sold them milkshake machines back in the day.

Watch The Menzingers’ Brilliant Video For New Single America (You’re Freaking Me Out)

No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment tps12, no one has to make a song that attacks Britain in a similar way, he already did it himself! I can't fault your understanding of this song. You get it's lyrical pugnacity and simplicity wonderously well. Flag OzymandiasVeidt1 on May 01, General Comment 'wish you'd stay where you is' - a comment on America's poor education system? Also, rhymes better than 'where you are' General Comment Hey tps12, I bet it's very easy to say from where you're sitting at Columbia that it was not responsible or respectful for Morrissey to say such awful things, but that's why we have freedom of speech remember?

It's very easy for me to remind you of your Constitutional rights given that I'm in the U.

This Land Is Your Land

Morrissey can say whatever he pleases, clearly you have been brainwashed by the right wing propoganda machine that tells us that critizing or asking questions is "unpatriotic", think for yourself and respect other's views. General Comment ok Orion their are a few mistakes with ur statements that id like to adress. He has never made a grammatical mistake in any of his lyrics, quite the contrary actually the line "I just wish you'd stay where you is " seems like it doesnt make sense, but it is actually proper english You are saying that it is wrong for him to say "America" instead of USA or united states of America, but doesnt ur country constantly say "God Bless America" duhh, obviously America is a common name assosciated to the USA.

This may be purely speculation but i guarantee if u ran a Black or gay candidate for president u would lose quite a substantial amount of votes.

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It would be political suicide for a party to do such a thing, and that is why it is not even considered. Most of us find it quite disturbing that so many american citizens are so shallow, dont you? It will never be the way it used to be, thank God. I am going to be that light which resists the darkness.

I have never been intimidated by another human being no matter how big a bully he or she is, and so I am not intimidated by Donald Trump. We are not all sycophants, soul-selling evangelists, and perpetually-bowed yes men. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

America, What Are You To Me? America, What Are You To Me?
America, What Are You To Me? America, What Are You To Me?
America, What Are You To Me? America, What Are You To Me?
America, What Are You To Me? America, What Are You To Me?
America, What Are You To Me? America, What Are You To Me?

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